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My first introduction to the ceramic arts was as a student at the University of California San Diego (UCSD).  After graduation I toured North America and finally settled in Helena, Montana to raise a family.  Little did I know that in my new backyard was one of the finest ceramic art facilities in the world -- the Archie Bray Foundation.  For over a decade I attended nearly every community class and workshop to learn and be inspired by the many talented ceramic artists and teachers that are the Bray tradition.

The ceramic arts allow me to incorporate many passions in a single endeavor  -- art, chemistry, design, and surprise. 

Each piece is unique. 

My functional work includes cups, bowls, and serving dishes. My goal with each functional piece is to create a vessel for the owner to use and celebrate every day.

My sculptural pieces include large vases, platters and creatures.  The platters serve as a canvas for my more detailed drawings while the vases and creatures tend to take on the essence of the day they were created and can be serious, whimsical or provocative.

Jim is currently a member of the Helena Public Art Committee and a contributing member of the Archie Bray Foundation.